Don’t Look Away 2023

Inert and devoid of cognition, it exists solely to extinguish life. A serendipitous encounter thrusts Frankie into a malevolent realm, where confronting this otherworldly entity proves calamitous. As she grapples with the sinister forces surrounding the mannequin, Frankie unravels a chilling truth: once you lay eyes upon this inanimate harbinger, an endless nightmare may ensue, culminating in your own demise. Visit HDtoday for more!

Don't Look Away | September 1, 2023 (Pakistan) Summary: It doesn't move, it doesn't think, it just kills. For one young woman, a chance encounter with this supernatural entity proves devastating. Frankie learns that once you see the mannequin, th... Read all
Countries: CanadaLanguages: English

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